Neil Moonka: Family Portal

Family Portal

As I get up new services, they shall be released here.


For family members, email access is available at


Calendar can be accessed at
     Setting up Calendar

  • Click on Settings:
    • Go to General (You should be there after clicking on Settings)
    • Change Timezone
    • Change any other settings you would like (i.e. location, weather, etc)
    • Click Save
    • Click on Settings:
    • Click on Sharing
    • By default, you are set up to share all your info with all of us.
    • Click on Notifications
    • Make any changes you would like
  • To Set up Sharing!
    • Click Settings
    • Add Calendar
    • Friends Calendar
    • Enter each of our email addresses (including my gmail one!)
  • To share your calendar with me
    • Click Settings
    • Calendars
    • Under my calendar, choose your name
    • Click Share this calendar
    • Add A new person
    • enter my email
    • click save
    • say yes.